P12407: Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Customer Needs and Specifications

Customer Needs and Specifications

Team Norms & Values

We expect our team behavior to be friendly and professional.

We will ensure balanced workload and responsibilities by being open and honest about our skills, abilities, and interest.

We will communicate with eachother and our guide mainly by email, but also by scheduled meetings and phone/text communications.

Since our team is small, we will make decisions based on consensus.

We will expect our teammates to be honest and responsible.

We will meet conflicts and challenges, with rationalism and level-headedness, and maintain emotional detatchment from controversial issues.

Project Plans & Schedules

See the Systems Design section for more information

MSDI Project Management Review

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Minutes from the System Design Review

Minutes from the Detailed Design Review

Weekly Status Updates

Week of 10/21/11

Week of 10/28/11

Week of 11/4/11

Week of 11/11/11

Week of 12/9/11

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