P12408: Near Space Solar Power Conditioning


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A high altitude balloon (HAB) is an unmanned observation balloon that ascends to near space with an altitude of approximately 30,000 meters. The electronics within the payload of the balloon is used to collect a wide array of environmental data. Data can be transmitted back to earth using radio communication links. The on-board electronic systems are typically powered by batteries for the duration of the flight. However, long duration flights(days) require more energy to sustain operation than short duration flights(hours).

The Near Space Solar Power Conditioning Module (NSSPCM) is a stand-alone power supply for long duration high altitude balloon applications. It harvests and stores solar energy to distribute electrical power over regulated voltage outputs. The module communicates with the main electronic payload to send data and receive commands.

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Project Name
Near Space Solar Power Conditioning Module
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Energy and Sustainable Systems
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Faculty Guides
Leo Farnand (lrfddm@rit.edu)
Vince Burolla (vabddm@rit.edu)
Dr. Dorin Patru (dxpeee@rit.edu)
Additional Support
Gordon Davies (RIT EE '92)
Primary Customer
Brenton Salmi (bjs4703@rit.edu)
Bryce Salmi (bts2637@rit.edu)
Project Sponsors
RIT Multidisciplinary Senior Design
RIT Electrical Engineering Department
Elmgrove Technologies

Team Members

Team Photo (2012-04-27); Left to Right: Mike, Bill, Steve, Donny, Jake

Team Photo (2012-04-27); Left to Right: Mike, Bill, Steve, Donny, Jake

Member Major Role Contact
Stephen Giannotti Electrical Engineering Project Manager slg4811@rit.edu
William Dorney Electrical Engineering Project Scheduling Manager wjd9033@rit.edu
Donald Lucas Mechanical Engineering Lead Engineer del1600@rit.edu
Jacob Emenheiser Electrical Engineering Team Facilitator jbe9510@rit.edu
Michael Hudak Computer Engineering Documentation Manager mjh1799@rit.edu

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RITCHIE-1 Flight Time-lapse

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