P12412: UV Water Treatment Safety Valve

Brainstorming Pugh Charts

Table of Contents

Prevent Contamination Function


This Pugh chart is for relatively evaluating contamination prevention concepts using a solenoid valve as a baseline. From this we see that our primary two options are some type of butterfly valve or a solenoid valve.

Power Failed Unit Function


This Pugh chart is for relatively evaluating concepts to power the operator warning system when the unit loses power. Super-capacitors appear to be a viable option but solar panel and simple batteries also might work.

Sense Failure Function


This Pugh chart is the for the sense failure function of the design. This is the bulk of the electrical design, and will sense if one of the failures occur and subsequently trigger the mechanical device to stop the flow of water, and at the same time warn the operator of the failure. The top choices here are the digital logic option and the relay logic option. A microcontroller circuit may also be explored as well.

Warn Operator Function


This Pugh chart is for relatively evaluating concepts to warn the operator of a failure. From this we found LED failure lights and/or some type of siren will be the best solution.

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