P12412: UV Water Treatment Safety Valve

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

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Work Breakdown Structure

Work Breakdown Structure

Feasibility / Engineering Analysis

Power Comsumption

Pressure Calculations

Pugh Chart-Pinching Devices

Warn Operator Calculations and Simulations

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

Mechanical Drawings

Electrical Drawings

Bill of Material (BOM)

Bill Of Materials

Test Plan

Each of the engineering specifications determined for this project are correlated to a particular area of importance to this project. A series of tests, each connected to an independent specification, must be performed to ensure that the safety system successfully covers all of the engineering specifications. Along with all the engineering specifications there are also secondary/peripheral tests that must be performed to test the system, these are described later in the miscellaneous test section.

Test Rig

Actual Test Rig

System Test Plan

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

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