P12412: UV Water Treatment Safety Valve

Mechanical Drawings

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Disgarded Concept

Final Model Design: Irrigation Valve

After the decision to scrap the mouse trap valve concept, we moved back to the original, off-the-shelf option we had. This option was available on the internet for a price that was relatively inexpensive ($32/pair). Considering the overall costs associated with the kiosk, this price was determined to be insignificant compared to the safety and reliability benefits the valves will supply. They are intended for low flow, low pressure irrigation purposes which fit our project perfectly. The particular model we chose uses an electrically controlled solenoid valve which requires electric power to be open. This passive-closed system integrates well with the needs of the project to stop water flow when power is lost.

Weathermatic 12024E-10-H Irrigation Valve

public/Irrigation Valve Outside.jpg

Valve Dimensions


Intended Use Setup: Irrigation

public/Irrigation Valve.jpg

Valve and Solenoid Assembly Instructions

Valve Assembly PDF

Solenoid Assembly PDF

Solenoid Cutaway View PDF

Comparison to Other Valves


Valve Comparison PDF

This is a comparison of the Weathermatic valve to some of its competitors.

Valve Supplier

We purchased the valves off this website for $16.69 per unit.


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