P12412: UV Water Treatment Safety Valve

Project Review

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Expense Report

Expenses to the Customer


PCB Assembly

It has been determined that the best method for assembling the PCB is to go to an outside assembly house. The following links are to some recommended assembly houses.




A lot of testing and troubleshooting went into getting the electronics to perform as necessary and to meet the customer needs and engineer specifications required. Shown below is the final schematic and electronics BOM after fixing any problems found in the initial revision of the electronics. The concept is the same as before, however only one photodiode and UV light will work off a single board, therefore two circuit boards will be needed to run a full kiosk with the safety mechanism.

public/schematic_pic_page1.jpg public/schematic_pic_page2.jpg public/schematic_pic_page3.jpg


Final PCB Design Files


Once at the Advanced Circuits website, choose the $33 PCB link under either Specials or Products/Services. Then follow the process and screenshots shown below to have the PCBs ordered.

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