P12441: Thermoelectric Power Pack for Stove


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According to the WHO, more than three billion people depend on biomass fuels for cooking. This practice has destroyed many ecosystems and requires an enormous effort to gather. Furthermore WHO studies have shown that exposure to biomass smoke increases the risk of common and serious diseases in both children and adults, resulting in an estimated 1.6 million deaths per year.

RIT is working with a partner in Haiti called H.O.P.E., and was initially funded by an EPA Energy Research Grant to develop an enhanced stove. The goal of this project is to build on the work done by previous projects P10461, 11461, and 11462 to develop an improved cook stove that will substantially reduce (by more than 50%) the emissions and fuel needed for cooking compared to the traditional stoves currently used in Haiti.

The first generation of stoves developed by teams P10461 and 11461 were designed to use forced draft to improve combustion and heat transfer to the pot. The forced air requires an electric fan, which is to be powered by a thermoelectric generator. P12441 will develop a thermoelectric power pack that converts heat directly into electricity to power a fan and provide power for auxiliary loads such charging cell phones. The team will build on the experience and prototype developed by team P11462. The project deliverable will be a nicely packaged thermoelectric power pack: thermoelectric, charging system, fan power, and control system that can be integrated into future stoves.

Project Background Reading:

Thermoelectric Power Pack Primary Reading

Thermoelectric Stove Developments

Cook Stove Project Overview Slides

 Prototype being tested.

Prototype being tested.

Project Name
Thermoelectric Power Pack for Stove
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Faculty Guide
Jag Tandon, jctddm@rit.edu
Robert Stevens, rjseme@rit.edu
Edward Hanzlik, echeee@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Robert Stevens, rjseme@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)
RIT and H.O.P.E.

Team Members

(Left to right) Xiaolong Zhang, Andrew Phillips, Colin McCune, Lauren Cummings.

(Left to right) Xiaolong Zhang, Andrew Phillips, Colin McCune, Lauren Cummings.

Member Role Contact
Andrew Phillips Project Manager aep9690@rit.edu
Colin McCune Lead Engineer cwm1144@rit.edu
Lauren Cummings Test Engineer lec6695@rit.edu
Xiaolong Zhang Cost Engineer xlzhsteven@gmail.com

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We would like to thank Jag Tandon, Robert Stevens, Edward, Hanzlik, Neal Eckhaus, Satchit Mahajan, and James Dejager for all the help and support they gave our team.