P12441: Thermoelectric Power Pack for Stove

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Intellectual Property Considerations

There is another company that has developed a similar stove. It is a thermoelectric stove that runs a USB charger and a light. The company URL is here:
http://biolitestove.com/CampStove.html<br./> A kickstarter project has implemented a higher power, more expensive project as well, targeted at developing worlds. The project can be viewed here:<br./> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1203647021/the-powerpot

Customer Needs

The customer needs can be downloaded here.

Engineering Specifications

The engineering specifications were derived from the customer needs and then mapped. The engineering specifications can be viewed here.

Project Budget

The budget given to our project was $500 for development. The breakdown of our expenditure can be seen in this spreadsheet.

Project Plans & Schedules

The project planning spreadsheet can be downloaded here.

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Action Items 2011-12-16
Action Items 2012-01-26
Action Items 2012-01-27
Action Items 2012-01-31
Action Items 2012-02-10
Action Items 2012-02-16
Action Items 2012-02-17
Action Items 2012-02-23
Action Items 2012-03-16
Action Items 2012-03-30
Action Items 2012-04-06
Action Items 2012-04-13
Action Items 2012-04-27
Action Items 2012-05-08
Action Items 2012-05-11

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