P12442: Next Generation Cook Stove for Haiti


Project Summary Project Information

For an updated project description, click on the following link for the Project Readiness Package.

The goal of this project is to develop a highly efficient and clean stove that is affordable, easy to operate, and improves cooking control compared to existing Haitian stoves.

Assembly Exploded

Background Reading:

Stove Development Primary Reading

Charcoal Stove Developments Supplemental Reading

Thermoelectric Stove Developments Supplemental Reading

Cook Stove Project Overview Slides

Code of Ethics

Week 2 Deliverables:

Customer Needs and Engineering Specifications

Block Diagram

Top Ten Risks

Preliminary Work Breakdown Structure

Plan for weeks 3,4,5

Week 4 Deliverables:

Week 4 Presentation

Project Name
Next Generation Charcoal Stove for Haiti
Project Number
Project Family
project family
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Ed Hanzlik echeee@rit.edu
Primary Customer
H.O.P.E. (Haiti Outreach - Pwoje Espwa), James Myers, 475-4772, jamisr@rit.edu
Dr. Robert Stevens rjseme@rit.edu
Sara Brownell, Haiti expert, sabeie@rit.edu
Sponsor (financial support)
Mark Smith, MSD Internal, mwspd21@rit.edu

Team Members

public/Team Photo

public/Team Photo

From left to right, Brandon Harbridge, Brianna Stephenson-Vallot, Dustin Tyler, Marissa Blockus, Samantha Huynh
Member Role Contact
Marissa Blockus Team Facilitator mmb5073@rit.edu
Brandon Harbridge Team Leader bmh5897@rit.edu
Samantha Huynh Lead Engineer sxh8267@rit.edu
Brianna Stephenson-Vallot Team Engineer/Purchaser bps8880@rit.edu
Dustin Tyler Team Engineer/EE Liaison dlt6018@rit.edu

Table of Contents

Systems Design Review


Customer Needs

Engineering Specs

Flow Diagrams

Morphological Chart

Risk Assessment

Pugh Charts

Project Plan

Work Breakdown Structure

SDR Action Items

Detailed Design Review

Detailed Design Review Documents

System Pugh Chart

Combustion Chamber Drawing

Bill of Materials

Updated System Map

Thermal Analysis Spreadsheet

Thermal Analysis Memo

CFM DOE Data Analysis

Fan Flow Testing

Emissions Reduction

TEG Heat Transfer Calculations

Heat Sink Sizing

Beam Sizing

Beam Location

Hardware Thermal Expansion Memo

Updated Risks


Action Items From DDR

Updated Project Plan

Test Plans

Rebar Stove Benchmarking Memo

Insulation and Ceramic Lining Memo

Weldments vs Screws

Plan for MSD II Week 3 Demo


Photo Gallery

RIT Stove Benchmarking Memo

Emissions Projections Memo

Important Trade-Offs

Individual Plans


Beam Test Spreadsheet

Beam Test Memo

Updated TEG Drawings

CCT Memo

Updated Stove Test Plans

Updated Beam Sizing

Beam Sizing Memo 2

System Drawing Package

Fan Characterization Memo

Week 7 action items

Week 9 Results

Operations Manual

Final Results and Handoff

Final Presentation

Technical Paper