P12453: Compressor Health Monitoring System


Our Project Summary Project Information
  • The scope of this project includes designing and implementing fully functional
    instrumentation on RIT's Dresser Rand ESH-1 compressor. These instruments will
    measure dozens of parameters that will, in-turn, provide the operator with a
    pressure vs. volume analysis, the capability to obtain a thermodynamic efficiency of
    the system, and perform heat transfer analysis at several points within the system.
  • Along with the instrumentation, a health monitoring system designed and donated
    by Dresser-Rand, called Envision, will be installed and operational. Envision's
    primary function will be to use data trends from the previously mentioned
    instrumentation to show signs of system degradation and potential catastrophic
    failures within the system.
Project Sponsor

Project Sponsor

Project Name
Dresser-Rand Reciprocating Compressor:
Health Monitoring Data Acquisition System
Installation and Commissioning
Project Number
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Bill Nowak
Primary Customer
Dr. Jason Kolodziej
Secondary Customer
RIT students and faculty
Sponsor (financial support)
Sponsor Contact
Scott Delmotte

Team Members

Markus, Robin, and Cody

Markus, Robin, and Cody

Member Role Contact
Markus Holzenkamp Project Manager markus.holzenkamp@gmail.com
Robin Leili-Marrazzo Project Engineer rxl5437@rit.edu
Cody Anderson Project Engineer cja9497@gmail.com

Installed Sensors

Health Monitoring Sensors

Health Monitoring Sensors

LabVIEW User Interface

Health Monitoring System

Health Monitoring System

Meeting Minutes

System Level Design

Detail Level Design

Sensor Installation Pictures

Poster, Presentation, and Paper

Data Collected


We would like to thank the following people for all of their support and guidance throughout our Senior Design project: Bill Nowak, Dr. J. Kolodziej, Scott Delmotte, John Wellin, George Slack, Dave Hathaway, Rob Kraynik, and Dr. S. Boedo.