P12463: Instrumented Model of Tethered Hydrofoil


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Mission Statement:

The mission of this project is to design a hydrofoil system which replicates a tethered kite system. The hydrofoil is designed to connect to a revolving boom and have mechanical energy of the stream flow converted into electrical energy. The data collected will be used to verify or improve an existing simulation model. This project must be compatible with a towing platform designed by P12462. The project has been made possible by contributions from the EPA. All work will be completed in an efficient, ethical and timely manner.

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Project Name
Instrumented Model of a Tethered Hydrofoil
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Faculty Guide
Edward Hanzlik, Email Edward Hanzlik
Primary Customer
Mario Gomes, Email Mario Gomes
Sponsor (financial support)
Environment Protection Agency

Team Members

Member Role Contact
Mark Negro Project Manager mailto:mfn3639@rit.edu
Vulf Kirman Hydrofoil Engineer mailto:vxk4734@rit.edu
Michelle Wang Structural Engineer mailto:mxw2127@rit.edu
Andrew Garland Controls/Data Collection mailto:atg7929@rit.edu
Adam Dunn Systems Integration mailto:amd6432@rit.edu

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Planning & Execution

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