P12464: Hydrofoil River Power System

Team Ethics

1. What are our expectations for team behavior?

a. All members will be responsible for their work and be held accountable
b. All members will listen to and respect all team members
c. All members will conduct themselves with honesty and professionalism
d. All members will be punctual and prompt to team functions (i.e. meetings, reviews, etc.)

2. How will we ensure balanced distribution of work?

a. As a team, we will check at each meeting to make sure everyone’s work is balanced or if there are any complaints regarding work load.
b. We will openly communicate with each other and clarify needed deliverables so that everyone in the group understands what is expected of them and when.
c. Each member of the team will keep a record of the work that they do with the hours that it took to complete.

3. How will we determine roles and responsibilities?

a. First, we will try to base it on personal preferences and skills, but will make adjustments if things aren’t working.
b. If we can’t give everyone their preference then will resort to a team consensus to fairly assign remaining roles and responsibilities.

4. How will we honor the strengths of the individuals?

a. We will have an open dialogue about what skill sets each person feels strongly about and try to put them in situations that they can succeed.
b. Each team member will admit lack of knowledge if they are uncomfortable with performing the task to the desired capability.
c. Each member will ask for help when needed.

5. How will we interact with your Guide?

a. We will interact with our Guide both as a team and individually.
b. If a team member speaks with our Guide, he will report back to the group with the needed information so that the group will be kept in the loop on what took place.
c. We will use our Guide as second tier advisement

6. How will we communicate with each other?

a. The team will have weekly meetings either with the entire team or in subgroups.
b. Team members will ask questions and communicate through emails, texts, phone, and Google docs

7. How will we make decisions?

a. We will make decisions based on consensus or majority, depending on the situation.

8. What are the expectations for integrity or responsibility with assigned tasks?

a. Each team member will be responsible to complete all the tasks assigned to them.
b. Each task will always have a deadline.
c. Each member will be honest with the team if more team is needed to complete an assignment, but it must be known to the group before the deadline of the task.

9. How will we manage conflict or when these expectations are NOT met?

a. The team will take steps to dealing with conflict. First, we will deal with it on a personal level; if that doesn’t resolve the situation then the team leader will bring it up to the guide.
b. The team will conduct good communication with each other and make sure everyone understands why an assignment didn’t meet the deadline.

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