P12471: Solar Stirling Generator

Systems Design

Table of Contents

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Concept Development (generation, improvement, selection)

Several published papers and articles are referenced to contribute to research, high level summary of some of this research is documented as well as structured comparisons between concepts and technology generated thorough discussion.

Stirling Engine Technology

Stirling Cycle Theory

Types of Stirling Engines_pg 1

Types of Stirling Engines_pg 2

Engine + Drive Mechanism Comparison

Battery + Generator Comparison

Solar Collection Technology

Energy Transfer Schematic

Pugh Analysis

Electrical Loss: Basichttps://edge.rit.edu/dav/P12471/web/DansDocs/ElectricalLossBasic.xlsx

Generator List https://edge.rit.edu/dav/P12471/web/DansDocs/GeneratorList.xlsx

Functional Decomposition / Systems Architecture

Subtract + Operate Table

Intuitive https://edge.rit.edu/dav/P12471/web/DansDocs/IntuitiveFunctionalTree.docx

Subtractive https://edge.rit.edu/dav/P12471/web/DansDocs/SubtractiveFunctionalTree.docx

Mathematical Modeling Paramters System Model Parameters

Risk Assessment


Systems Design Review

Presentation, notes, actions

System Design Review

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