P12552: Projected Image Prototype


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The aim of this project is to continue efforts to produce a projected image 3D printer. The system will use an ordinary overhead projector to project black and white images onto a film of UV curable photopolymer in order to selectively cure/harden the polymer. Students will pick up where last year’s group left off. They will (a) design a movable platform upon which the 3D part is printed; (b) determine the best method of adjusting the image size and focus; (c) create a procedure for generating the sequence of black and white images; (d) research different photopolymers that are available; and (e) design and construct an optics system capable of transmitting light that will cure the selected photopolymer.

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Project Name
Projected Image Prototyping System
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Project Family
Printing & Imaging Systems
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Faculty Guide
John Kaemmerlen
Primary Customer
Denis Cormier

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Team "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs"

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Abbey Burns ISE email
Phil Mee (Project Leader) ME email
Tim Schmoke ISE email
O'Neil Treasure ISE email
Davendra Sukha ME email
Vincent Varouh CE email
Brian Walker ME email
Dan Weber ISE email

Table of Contents

Planning Systems Design Review Detailed Design Review

Project Readiness Package

Code of Ethics

Peer Evaluation Template

Project Description

Functional Decomposition

Customer Needs

Engineering Specifications

House of Quality

Morph Analysis

Concept Generation

Pugh Chart

Concepts Revisited

Project Plan

Risk Assessment

Projector Research Data

System Design Architecture

System Design Review Pre-Read

System Design Review Pre-Read (Addendum)

System Design Review Presentation

System Design Architecture(DDR)

Slicing Software Demo

Graphical User Interface Design

Testing Plans

Photopolymer Testing

Risk Assessment(DDR)

Bill of Materials

MSD II Project Plan


Detailed Design Review Pre-Read

Detailed Design Review Bath Concept

Detailed Design Review Presentation

MSD II Bill of Materials

MSD II Project Plan

Detailed Testing

Software Details

Solenoid Info

Failure Log

Next Steps

User Manual

Project Poster

Technical Paper

Final Presentation