P12555: VAR Billett Measuring System


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High strength fasteners and other components for the aerospace industry are fabricated from high purity metal stock originally cast in a vacuum arc melt process, followed by one or more vacuum arc re-melting (VAR) purification steps. The VAR process is a continuous melt vacuum process which removes elemental impurities, voids and other defects, and refines the grain structure of the final metal alloy. The electric current required to melt a raw metal billet in the VAR process varies according to the cross section of the billet being fed into the furnace, which can vary considerably along the length of the feedstock billet. Better process control over the melt current can be obtained if the diameter of each individual feedstock billet is mapped along its’ length, and the melt current is varied according to the feedstock billet diameter being fed into the furnace at any given moment. We wish to design and build an non-contact diameter measurement system to provide this information in line for each feedstock billet being processed.

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VAR Billet Measurement System
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Dr. Alan Raisanen
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Benjamin Hailer (Special Metals)
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Special Metals

Team Members

From Left: Michael Imhof, Jared Dodge, Brandon La Quay, Michael Hvorecny, Michael Cheney

From Left: Michael Imhof, Jared Dodge, Brandon La Quay, Michael Hvorecny, Michael Cheney

Member Role Contact
Jared Dodge (ME) jhd5787@g.rit.edu
Michael Imhof (EE) mei9603@g.rit.edu
Brandon La Quay (ME) bxl4662@g.rit.edu
Michael Cheney (ME) mjc5820@g.rit.edu
Michael Hvorecny (ME) mah7717@g.rit.edu

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