P12556: Wyman Gordon Forging Locator

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Systems Integration

Updated Bill of materials

Due to time constraints from budget approval and design changes, the structural support was modified for per-fabricated tracks and locking mechanisms. The system was designed from components available with MiniTec Framing Systems, LLC. The general design was kept but almost all of the custom track and components were substituted. Minitec provides all of the necessary CAD models so design and modifications is simplified

Test Plans & Test Results

Drop Test Video

Impact Testing

To test impact resistance, a modified drop test derived from the MIL-STD 810G Procedure IV Transit Drop protocols was implemented. The enclosure (without laser or insulation) was dropped at a height of 48†on three sides likely to be struck in the work environment. Testing reveal no significant damage that would result in the failure of the enclosure. The damage recorded was the loosening of the shutter rivet and compression damage to a screw fastening the enclosure cover to the base.

Assembly Instructions

All of the assembly instructions are provided within the "Mechanical Assembly Documentation" document for the mechanical and electrical setup.

Functional & Performance Review

Mechanical Features are all done and functioning well. Bracketing system and tracks are working right.

For electrical features, the group tested a single laser obtaining positive results. Multiple laser testing will be performed as scheduled during week 11. Future testing of harnessing and display will be performed before the team visits the customer.

User or Operator Instructions/Manual

Mechanical Assembly Document Software Manual

Service Instructions/Manual

Below is a link to troubleshoot any issues that may arise from operation and/or accidents. (Electrical troubleshooting will be added) Troubleshooting

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