P12556: Wyman Gordon Forging Locator

Planning & Execution

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Questions to Ask Customer

Questions for Customer

Intellectual Property Considerations

Wyman Gordon has provided our team with proprietary information regarding die shape geometries, die press layouts and schematics, as well as recorded video of the forging process. This data has been analyzed and incorporated into our design to prevent accidental conflicts with system layout and/or physical/visual obstruction for the operators.

Upon delivery of our system, we will return all provided resources and copies to Wyman Gordon. None of the provided resources will appear in any documentation produced by Team P12556.

Customer Necessities

Customer Needs


Engineering Specifications
Spec ID Importance Cust. ID Specification Desciption Unit of Measure Value Comments
1 C1,C3 Position Resolution mm < 0.635
2 C2,C8 Sensor Speed sec 0.1
3 C1,C2 Sensor Range m 5.0
4 C6,C10 Impact Resistance tons 5.0
5 C6,C7,C10 Temperature Resistance C 600
6 C11 Sensor Cost Dollars <3000.00 Flexible
7 C4,C12 Display Visibility m 5
8 Power Requirement W < 1650
9 C6 Foreign Body Protection, Solids Index 6 Based on IP ratings
10 C6 Foreign Body Protection, Liquids Index 5 Based on IP ratings
11 C6,C7,C12 Equipment Interaction % <10% Setup time, adjustments
12 C5,C12 Data Storage Logical 1.0

Team Norms & Values

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Project Plans & Schedules (MSD I)

Initial Schedule


MSD II Schedule

MSDII Schedule

MSDII Schedule

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Meeting Minutes
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March 7, 2012 Sensor Precision Test Results

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