P12711: Parbake Mezzanine

Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

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Systems Integration

Thi the logic map created by the electrical engineers that is to operate the PLC control of our proposed design.

Test Plans & Test Results

The following document was the test plan written at the beginning of MSD II, that the group used to evaluate the prototypes of the various subsystems of the proposed design as they were built.

The following is a list of days and the number of hours corresponding to the onsite Wegman's testing.

During these days large amounts video and written documentation of the various testing setups and bread types were taken and compiled into a single Test Data Spreadsheet.

Assembly Instructions

The drawing packages for the Bread Guides and Bread Sorter can be found here.

Functional & Performance Review

We re-evaluated the Parbake Mezzanine job according to the Wegman's Ergonomic Risk Assessment that we received in the beginning of the project. The new assessment was preformed upon the products that we identified our system could handle, using the process we developed, the evaluation and can be viewed here.

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