P12711: Parbake Mezzanine

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Feasibility / Engineering Analysis

The group sat down and discussed the various ways of sensing and counting a unit of bread and then evaluated them on a set of previously determined set of mechanical and electrical criteria. After this some calculations were performed upon the mechanical interactions occurring in the spring loaded gate that is the interaction between bread and counter in contact necessary designs.

Some stress analysis was performed upon the framework supporting the gate and sorting assemblies. ANSYS was used to get values of maximum deflection for different beam cross-sections to help select a beam that would not bend enough to cause the frame structure to come in contact with the moving conveyor. The beams were given material properties of stainless steel given an applied load of 1 lb/in supported at each end, and the cross-section results are for a .75" wide by .5" tall rectangle and a .75" square.

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

All CAD modeling was done with Autodesk Inventor Pro Student Edition.
CAD Models

Mezzanine Layout

Bread Alignment Guides

Vertical Counter

Batching Assembly

Packaging Area

Box Slide

Bill of Material (BOM)

A Bill of Materials was generated to evaluate the cost of building the proposed design. There is still a large unknown price involved with our empty box slide as the conveyor manufacturer that Wegmans uses has yet to reply to our inqueries.

Test Plans

Our preliminary Test Plan is our document outlining how we plan to evaluate our prototyped design.

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment is a living document that is updated and can be accessed in the Systems Design location under Risk Assessment.

Detailed Design Review

This is our Detailed Designed Review powerpoint presentation. Notes from the review can be found on the Planning & Execution page under the notes section.

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