P12711: Parbake Mezzanine

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Intellectual Property Considerations

Customer Needs

Based on the reading the Project Readiness Packet, and visiting and conversing with different portions of the Wegmans staff, the group created a list of Customer needs for this project to satisfy for this to be a successful project.


From the generated list of needs, a list of project Specifications was generated in order to allow the team turn the customer needs into a value that we could define units for and utilize throughout the design process.

Team Code of Ethics

Our team agreed upon the following Code of Ethics. created in the first week of this design course. The purpose of generating this document is to have a documented plan for mitigating group issues and communicating between group members in a respectful and timely manner.

Upon finishing the final review with Wegman's the group assessed how well the code of ethics were adhered to, and how they were followed.

Project Plans & Schedules

The group created a short 1-page Summary of the Parbake project to clarify the PRP and make a document that could be handed to anyone and they would have a full understanding of the project after reading it.

The group has a Project Plan that through material discussed at group meetings, gets updated deadlines and action items throughout the MSD program. This document was last edited 11-08-11.

This Work Breakdown Structure is a guideline for who was responsible designing and evaluating the various components of our design.

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Notes from formal System Design Review 10-7-11.

Notes from second design meeting with Mike 10-14-11.

Notes from meeting with Gary 10-21-11.

Notes from formal Detailed Design review 11-11-11.

Peer Reviews

Peer reviews were done in the following manner, everyone was to evaluate all team members other than themselves and the team as a whole on the following criteria. Identify one or more things the person or group has done well that helped the team work towards project completion. Identify one or more things the person or group could improve upon to better help the team work towards project completion. Each team member was then responsible for placing their evaluation in a private group shared folder, reading the other peer evaluations, and showing up to the next meeting prepared to work on their flaws to better support the team.

1st Peer Review - Done 10/14/11

2nd Peer Review - to be done for 11/18/11

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