P12711: Parbake Mezzanine

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Functional Decomposition

The group sat down and broke the parbake packaging process down into various different steps that are required to complete the packaging process. These steps were broken down further into actions that are required to complete packaging. It was these refined steps where the group identified possible changes could be made to reduce the ergonomic risk of the job as whole. Here is the link to the Funtional Decomposition of the Wegmans Parbake process.

Concept Development (generation, improvement, selection)

After generating the list of functions for possible ergonomic improvement, the group started generating possible ways to decrease the ergonomic risk associated with these functions. Then by either selecting a solution or leaving the current action the same for every function identified, 7 whole process design concepts were generated. The group then used a Pugh Chart to select the best concept from those generated by the group.

Risk Assessment

The group has built a Risk Assessment where we hope to foresee and offer possible ways to reduce risks that will prevent us from completing this project. This document is revised as the project goes on to include new risks not foreseen or understood previously. Last edited 10-24-11.

Systems Design Review

Link to the Systems Design Review Presentation. Some documents were clarified and concepts were refined prior to a second meeting with Mike Least, where a go ahead was given to the group. Notes from both meetings can be found in the notes section of Planning & Execution. Presentation, notes, actions

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