P12712: Marble Swirl

25 Sep

Hey all,

As you all know, some of us were able to get together and have a meeting this Sunday night. Rather than just notes from the meeting, I figured I would elaborate on what was discussed for those who missed out.

The majority of the meeting was spent working on project design. During this portion we built a strong argument for the implementation of a "stop-go" process over an "in-line" mixing process. This design style removes motion complexity from the entire apparatus, therefore requiring that the swirling process be more intricately designed. Our discussion revealed fairly obvious advantages to this strategy, but we want your input before we make any final decisions. Although we were only able to make a small step forward in the progress of a complete design during our meeting, the process helped us develop a pretty solid methodology for selecting favorable designs. This will be useful for our design meeting coming up this Tuesday evening. Be prepared to spend about two hours at the meeting since we will be discussing swirl design (I will post the agenda shortly). The overall goal of the meeting is to chose our top three (or so) swirling apparatus designs to test out on Friday. Ideally, we we will settle on these concepts, and by Friday we will build and test VERY rough, full scale prototypes. This will be similar to our first round of prototyping, but our models will be built beforehand rather than finding supplies (i.e. tape and coffee stirrers) in the room to build them. We will talk about this more on Tuesday.

The other main topic of the meeting was our current progress with regards to the rubric. Overall, what we discovered is that we are not in too rough of shape, but we have a good amount of work to do in the next 1-2 weeks. To start, this week we NEED to do a peer review and get some info (more specifically team norms and values) posted on EDGE. For the peer review, we feel that it would be beneficial for us to have an open discussion in person. By "beneficial", we meant that opinions could be more clearly represented and we would have the opportunity to openly critique a peer (a difficult yet important thing to be able to do). Obviously, if anyone is opposed to this style, we will gladly do something less personal. Either way, please come prepared to review the team for tomorrow nights meeting. As for the Team Norms and Values, I will be transcribing our "Code of Ethics" onto the discussion dump shortly after I finish this e-mail, so it will be open for editing and discussion. We will finalize and sign a hard copy on Friday.

To keep everyone aware of upcoming tasks, I also wanted to mention "Risk Assessment" and "Project Planning". These are two more deliverables that we need prepared for our upcoming design review. As John pointed out on Friday, it would be wise for us to try and consider the less likely risks as well as the obvious ones. For the project plan we should develop a Gantt chart in the near future. We will talk more about these issues on Tuesday and Friday.

That concludes most of the issues that were discussed at the meeting. If you think we missed some pertinent deadline details or if you have any comments or questions, let us know. That said, I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.