P12712: Marble Swirl

3 Oct

Hey guys,

Arwen, Aaron, and I all met up tonight to work on getting some material worked out for the presentation. Mostly we developed an overall structure for the presentation, revised customer needs/specs, and built spaces for us to do the work through google. I recently sent out an agenda for tomorrows meeting. Please have as much as you can done for the meeting tomorrow. We will try to take a big chuck out of the presentation tomorrow and all of the deliverable are important.

Our meeting with John showed that he is satisfied with our progress so far. He offered some advise, such as using more "verb=>noun" relationships in the planning Gantt chart and gave us some solid guidelines for our presentation structure. He recommended that we consider using a "buddy-system" for future tasks. This essentially means that each deliverable will have a primary person responsible as well as a back-up in case the primary individual is unable to complete the task for some reason. This may be a good tool to implement into the upcoming design work. He also advised us to coordinate and set up a date for our final review. He emphasized that the earlier in the week, the better. This gives us more time to fix any issues. One last note on our meeting with John; he mentioned that we may want to prioritize getting more information up on EDGE. We are all pretty swamped right now with getting prepared for Friday, so it may be best if we let this slide until the end of the week/the weekend. Kenyon, we understand that you are particularly busy with revising Risks/Project plan, so in order to help out in the future, some of us may try to learn a few things about updating EDGE from either you or Mark. This way we can help you get things up to speed.

That is mostly everything important I believe. Add anything if you see it necessary. See you all tomorrow.