P12712: Marble Swirl

Benson's Bio

Biography for Benson Yu

Benson Yu, I am a fifth year student currently studying Electrical Engineering, with minors of Mechanical Engineering and Japanese language and culture. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, but I came to United States in my sophomore year of high school in Kingston, Pennsylvania. I first decided to study engineering mainly because of my family. My father has his own business in the field of telecommunication / computer engineering in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai, whereas my mother works for a public utility company for a long time. I am also quite strong in most mathematics and science courses. Consequently I chose to do Electrical Engineering at RIT.

From my previous internship experience, I have developed an interest in power generation, transmission and distribution. I learnt about not only engineering skills, but also other related financial models at work. Therefore, I believe I will attempt to pursue a MBA degree years after I graduate from RIT in order to reach the managerial level at some point. On the other hand, I am trying to work on becoming a licensed engineer in both United States and Hong Kong as well. Moreover, the previous working experiences helped me develop a set of communication skills with other colleagues or teammates while working on the same project, which would be very helpful as we are currently working on this particular project with students from various engineering fields. As one of the electrical engineers on our marble swirl team, my knowledge related to power systems and control systems should give a moderate help to our team.