P12712: Marble Swirl

Project Review

Adherence to Team Norms and Values:

Expectations for team behavior:

Overall, the team interacted in a fun yet professional manner. Most meetings were to the point and effective.

-How will balanced distribution of work be ensured?:

Work pretty much distributed itself during the project. Each team member brought unique skills and employed them to complete tasks as they came up.

-How will the team interact with the guide?:

The guide was very helpful in providing prompt feedback on the project and the team communicated issues well to the guide throughout the project.

-How will the team communicate?:

The team communicated well with each other for the most part. At some points during the project communication was lacking but was resolved during regular meetings.

-How will decisions be made?:

The team reached a consensus for all major issues and healthy discussions were used prior to making major choices.

-How will the team manage conflict?:

Very little conflicts were encountered during the project and team members got along with each other very well.

Customer Needs Met/Unmet

Customer Needs Met/Unmet

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