P12712: Marble Swirl

Team Norms and Values

MSD Team Norms and Values:

Guided by MSD Code of Ethics Work Sheet

-Expectations for team behavior:

1. Be honest with each other. Don’t be afraid to express how you feel about the project or other teammates. Remaining silent usually solves nothing.

2. “Get stuff done.” In other words, accomplish whatever you take responsibility for getting done. If you are having trouble, ask for help.

3. Keep activities light-hearted and try not to anything too serious. This project is one of the best opportunities we have to test our abilities, but there is no reason that we can’t have fun in the process.

-How will balanced distribution of work be ensured?:

1. It is the primary responsibility of each teammate to express if they feel work is unevenly distributed.

2. To prevent this from occurring, work will be distributed on a self nomination basis primarily and working in groups will be implemented when applicable.

-How will the team interact with the guide?:

1. The guide should be encouraged to join discussion and should be regularly updated on the project progress.

2. The team should be open and honest with the guide as they are with other team members.

3. The guides opinions are not necessarily more valuable than the opinions of team members, although they deserve respectful consideration just as any other.

-How will the team communicate?: 1. Primary communication will be done via e-mail. All team members should check for updates on a daily basis. 2. Agendas for each meeting will be written to describe expected materials and the topics of discussion. The agenda should be available 24 hours prior to the meeting.

-How will decisions be made?:

1. All decisions will be decided with a general consensus when possible. Some time will be spent to absolve discretion, but if necessary a majority vote will be implemented.

-How will the team manage conflict?:

1. Handle at lowest level possible but if mediation is required, ask other team member(s) or faculty guide for assistance. Also, we all will be busy so we have to take up slack where needed and we will all need help at one time or another.