P12713: Wegmans Parbake Rounding Ergonomics

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Intellectual Property Considerations

IP considerations to be considered and will be posted soon

Team Norms & Values

Each well-run team needs a Code of Ethics in order to keep the team both functional and efficient. The preceeding document are the Code of Ethics our team came up with for this project.

At the end of our project, the team reevaluated the Code of Ethics to see how well it worked against the original plan. The Code of Ethics Self Assessment includes examples of what worked and what didn't work according to the plan.

Customer Needs

A Customer Needs Table was our team's first step in the Planning & Execution phase. This document lists the primary needs of Wegman's along with their importance on a scale of 1 (High) to 3 (Low).

This Fishbone was also created to get a better understanding of the possible causes behind the injuries on the parbake line.


These Specifications were created from the Customer Needs Table in an effort to create some metrics for our project. Many of these specs, such as those found under "Meeting Demands" and "Safety and Ergonomics" were given to use directly by Wegman's, outlining the current state of the line.

Project Plans & Schedules (MSD I & II)

This Project Summary gives a basic overview of what our project is, what we expect to acomplish as well as the important players involved.

We've broken down the important steps of our project in the Work Breakdown Structure, outlining what needs to be done both in a detailed and a larger picture view.

Using the Work Breakdown Structure, a Project Plan was developed for use at weekly group meetings to track progress, seeing where we are ahead and behind schedule.

The MSDII Project Plan was developed to track the build and test stages and make sure they stayed on schedule for completion.

At the 15 week mark, the MSDII Project Plan was re-evaluated with our Wegman's guide. Due to time and resource limitations, a new condensed MSDII Project Plan was created with more achievable goals.

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions (MSD I & II)

All meeting minutes are kept internal to the group through Google Docs. Any important notes will be posted as the opportunity presents itself.

Peer Reviews

The format we use for our peer reviews are plus/delta, where every member in the group gives each other a comment on what areas they are excelling in and another comment on what areas they need improvement in.

First Review Completed: 1-18-12

Last Review Date: 2-24-12

Next Review Date: 5-18-12

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