P12713: Wegmans Parbake Rounding Ergonomics

Systems Design

Table of Contents

Functional Decomposition

Our Functional Decomposition proved to be exteremely useful as it allowed our group to narrow down our focus to a specific few desired improved functions, mainly dealing with the handling of the dough.

Concept Development

Our initial Concept Tests can be found in the link provided. This document breaks down each concept we had and any initial testing we did along with it.

Using these concepts, we did a Concept Analysis to start to narrow down which concepts were actually feasible. After that process, we started to create System Concepts using the most feasible concepts.

Finally, we did a Pugh's Analysis to determine which system best meets the specifications.

Risk Assessment

The team came up with an initial Risk Assessment, which is essentially a "brainstorm" of anything that can (and in some cases, probably will) go wrong during the course of the project. Each "Risk" was assigned a rating for Likelihood and Severity (on a scale from 1-3, with 3 being High). These two ratings were then multiplied together to get a value for Importance, which was used to look at the most serious risks to our project.

Systems Design Review

January 20th, 2012 @ 8:30am

This meeting was held at the Wegman's Bakery to choose a platform system level design and a derivative system level design. These design concepts are what will be detailed, tested and implemented as appropriate.

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Notes

System Architecture

After the Systems Design Review, our team had a fairly good idea of what direction we wanted to take with the design. We decided to go with the mold and rotating arm concept, while at the same time exploring simplier possibilities such as running the dough through the automatic rounder twice or flipping the bread after the current automatic process. Here are some initial sketches of the Mold and Rotating Arm concepts.

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