P13001: Ankle-Foot Orthotic Tethered, Air Muscle

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Dimensioned Drawings: Air Muscle Assembly Components

Air Muscle Assembly

Distal Muscle Plug

Distal Muscle Plug Plate

Heel Cable Attachment

Heel Cable Attachment Pin

Heel Cable Attachment Weld Nut

Air Muscle Nozzle

Proximal Anchor

ANSYS Analysis of Assembly Parts

Heel Cable Attachment

Proximal Anchor

Programming Controls

Flow Chart of Control Program

public/Photo Gallery/Flow Chart of Control Program.png

Bill of Material (BOM)

public/Photo Gallery/BOM.png

Test Plans

public/Photo Gallery/Test Documents 1.png

Physical Air Regulation

public/Photo Gallery/Test Documents 2.png

Air Muscles

public/Photo Gallery/Test Documents 3.png

Fixtures: Air Muscles to AFO

public/Photo Gallery/Test Documents 4.png

Required Test Equipment

public/Photo Gallery/Test Documents 5.png

Risk Assessment

public/Photo Gallery/Risk Assessment DDR1.png public/Photo Gallery/Risk Assessment DDR2.png public/Photo Gallery/Risk Assessment DDR3.png

Detailed Design Review

Detailed Design Review Presentation

Detailed Design Review Packet

Detailed Design Review Notes

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