P13001: Ankle-Foot Orthotic Tethered, Air Muscle

Systems Design

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Base level benchmarking was performed to gain a better understanding of current, relevant patents, technical literature, commercially available AFOs, and other relevant air muscle applications.

Benchmarking Articles

We took videos of our gait, while wearing an AFO, while going up and down stairs and ramps to help gain a broad sense of how the lower leg reacts to the stated specific gait patterns.

Down Stairs Gait

Down Ramp Gait

Up Stairs Gait

Up Ramp Gait

Concept Development (generation, improvement, selection)

Morphological Design Matrix

Concept Generation Development

Functional Decomposition

public/Photo Gallery/Functional Decomposition.png

Systems Architecture

public/Photo Gallery/Physical Decomposition.png

Risk Assessment

public/Photo Gallery/Risk Assessment.png public/Photo Gallery/Risk Assessment 1.png

Systems Design Review

Systems Design Presentation Agenda

Systems Design Presentation

Systems Design Presentation Notes

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