P13002: Ankle-Foot Orthotic Un-Tethered, Mechanical

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Project Summary

The goal of this project is to design and develop an active AFO that aids a user in the dorsiflexion of their foot when moving down stairs or ramps. The project utilizes a developed terrain sensor system to detect the upcoming terrain. The sensors are processed by a micro controller which then will trigger movement of a mechanical locking system to change the angle of the foot according to the angle of the upcoming terrain. The one page project summary can be accessed below.

One Page Summary

Customer Needs

The included image displays all of the customer needs for the device. The customer objectives were defined and then grouped based on their affinity. The affinity groups were determined to be: Safe, Flat Terrain, Portable, Comfortable, Durable, Special Terrain, and Convenient.

image:Reference Documents/P13002VoiceOfCustomer.JPG


Engineering specifications were determined to set quantifiable values by which the customer recommendations can be achieved. Each engineering specification must be accounted for throughout the design process to ensure the project will achieve all needs of the customer.


Team Norms & Values

A Code of Ethics was developed during MSD 1 to set the team's guidelines for performance and create a metric for peer evaluation throughout MSD 1 & 2. The code and peer review for MSD I & II can be viewed through the links below.

Code of Ethics

Peer Review Fall Week 6

Peer Review Fall Week 10

Peer Review Winter Week 5

Peer Review Winter Week 11

Peer Review (Active)

Project Plans & Schedules

The Project Plan tracks each task required for project completion. In addition, the planning schedule includes estimated completion dates, task owner, completion percentage, hours to complete, actual completion date, and comments for task progression.

Project Plan

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes include initial project interviews as well as feedback from system and design reviews.


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