P13002: Ankle-Foot Orthotic Un-Tethered, Mechanical

Project Review

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The presentation used for the System Design Review, which took place on October 5th 2012 (week 5 of fall quarter).

Systems Design Review: Presentation

The presentation used for the Detail Design Review, which took place on November 2nd 2012 (week 9 of fall quarter).

Detailed Design Review: Presentation

Below is the Week 11 Review presentation. This review displays the team's improvement in the scheduling requirements and risk assessment through the quarter. The review also covered the unfinished tasks set forth for MSD I and showed the projections for MSD II.

Week 11 Review: Fall Quarter


The presentation that was completed for the Week 10 final review covers the major milestones of Senior Design II. This includes the system architecture, project results, main testing results, and future work for the project.

Final Review Presentation

The poster that was created to summarize the project is displayed below. The purpose of the poster is to be displayed in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering for all students, faculty, and visitors to view.


The Technical Paper that was also created was for the SBC Bioengineering Conference for the Undergraduate design competition for assistive devices.

Technical Paper

The Week 11 review for MSD II highlights the project execution, results, lessons learned from the team, and individual results.

Week 11 Review: Winter Quarter

Future Work and Recommendations

A summary of future work and recommendations was compiled for whomever may use the project in the future. Aspects are divided between mechanical, electrical, and computer tasks. These tasks were identified by team members prior to the completion of MSDII.

Future Work

Final Documents, Ongoing from MSDI and MSDII

Project Plan: Current Project Plan

Risk Assessment: Current Risk Assessment

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