P13011: Motion Sensing for Game Control


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Leukodystrophy is a type of genetic disease in which the myelin sheath within the nervous system degrades, leading to difficulty moving and speaking. The goal of this project is to provide a way for someone with this condition to interact with various forms of media without human assistance. The top priority for this system is providing an interface to entertainment, which will likely take the form of electronic games. The solution will require detecting motions that are comfortable and repeatable for the customer and translating these motions into interactions with electronic media.

Funding for this project was provided by the National Science Foundation's grant for Senior Design Projects to Aid Persons with Disabilities.

Project Name
Motion Sensing Device for Game Control
Project Number
Start Term
End Term
Team Guides
Vincent Burolla
Leo Farnand
Faculty Guide
Dr. Beth DeBartolo (ME)
Primary Customer
Aleks Nedelkovski
Sponsor (financial support)

Team Members

From left to right: Alex Viola, Dan Pashina, Cory Smiley, Jack Stokes and Ding Zhuo.

From left to right: Alex Viola, Dan Pashina, Cory Smiley, Jack Stokes and Ding Zhuo.

Member Role Engineering Discipline Email
Cory Smiley Project Manager Mechanical cjs1714@rit.edu
Alex Viola Facilitator-Design Engineer Mechanical axv3923@rit.edu
Dan Pashina Chief Engineer Electrical dkp4356@rit.edu
Jack Stokes Edge Coordinator Computer jws7647@rit.edu
Ding Zhuo Lead Software Engineer Computer dxz5124@rit.edu


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Special thanks to the National Science Foundation for funding the project. Vince Burolla, Leo Farnand, and Dr. Beth DeBartolo for their guidance throughout the project. The Brinkman Lab for their help fabricating all mechanical components. Curbell Plastics for their donations of material. Southpaw Designs for designing and donating the platform decal.

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Planning & Execution

Systems Design

Detailed Design

Final Product

Final Documents

Final Presentation

Technical Paper

Project Poster