P13011: Motion Sensing for Game Control

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Project Summary

Leukodystrophy is a type of genetic disease in which the myelin sheath within the nervous system degrades, leading to difficulty moving and speaking. The goal of this project is to provide a way for someone with this condition to interact with various forms of media without human assistance. The top priority for this system is providing an interface to entertainment, which will likely take the form of electronic games. The solution will require detecting motions that are comfortable and repeatable for the customer and translating these motions into interactions with electronic media.

More detailed information is available in the

Project Readiness Package (PRP)

Customer Needs


Customer Needs



Engineering Specifications

Project Overview

One Page Project Summary

An overview of the project including:

Project Description

Strategy & Approach

Project Plans & Schedules


Preliminary Meetings to Guide the Project

Initial Meeting With Customer: Needs and Possible Solutions (11/30/2012)

The following notes are from our first meeting with Aleks (the primary customer) and his mother, Anita. Going into the meeting, our goal was to determine what the customer's primary wants are, because the provided Project Readiness Package (PRP) lists several. We also wanted to learn about what type of motion is easiest for Aleks, and any type of interface that Aleks currently uses.

Meeting With Dr. Phillips: Available Resource (12/03/2012)

Early in the project we were informed that we would have access to a "Kinetisense" motion tracking unit, and that this might be of help during the initial characterization of Aleks's motion. We contacted Dr. Phillips from the Electrical Engineering Department to get a hold of this equipment.

More information on the Kinetisense is available at the Great Lakes NeuroTechnologies webpage.

Meeting to Determine Customer Capabilities: Prelimary Testing (DATE)

Secondary Meeting With Customer: Better Understanding of Customer Needs (12/17/2012)

Does Aleks have a TV in his room?

Does Aleks use his wheelchair in the house?

Is Aleks getting a new wheelchair soon?

Is there a specific video game Aleks likes?

Meeting with Customer's Teacher, Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist (12/21/12)

This meeting took place at Aleks's middle school in Brockport NY. Attending was Scott Dauphin, Betsy Fitzpatrick and Angela Gebbie, Aleks's teacher, speech pathologist, and occupational therapist, respectively. The purpose of this meeting was to gain insight about the current technology Aleks uses to interface with people and media. Preliminary ideas for control inputs were also discussed with Aleks's educators in order to gain feedback from people who work with him on a daily basis.

Meeting with Customer and Tobii Representative (1/04/2013)

Aleks is being given a four-week trial of the Tobii C15 communication device, a tablet PC with an integrated eye-gaze tracking system. This device will provide him with an effective means to control a computer and use it to communicate, play games, etc. The C15 is also capable of interacting with television sets via an IR transmitter. The ramifications of the likely future adoption of this device for our project are substantial. We sat in on the meeting with the Tobii company representative, Jeri Hoffman, and Aleks' educators at Oliver Middle School.

Teleconference with Anita and Dr. DeBartolo (1/09/2013)

The purpose of this meeting was to adjust the customer's needs and project scope. The initial goal of the project had been to enable Aleks to use a computer, however, the Tobii provides this service exactly, so the scope was adjusted to satisfy alternative customer needs.

Conversation with Customer's Physical and Occupational Therapists (1/10/2013)

The purpose of this conversation was to obtain input from professionals about what body motion would be beneficial to Aleks's muscle health. Aleks's Physical Therapist, John Kissel, and Occupational Therapist, Angela Gebbie, took part in the conversation.

Team Norms & Values


The table above documents our team's primary values and expectations. This table is referenced during peer reviews to insure consistent scoring. The most important value of our team is commitment. A committed team will not only produce the minimum requirements, but also a functional product that will improve Aleks's independence and quality of life.

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