P13011: Motion Sensing for Game Control

Systems Design

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Since the design of this project must be catered to Aleks's specific capabilities, it makes sense to benchmark from the technologies he currently uses to interface with people and media. By reviewing the pros and cons of these technologies, the team can better design a new interface for Aleks.

Vanguard Communication Device: The Vanguard is a tablet style device that mounts to Aleks's wheel chair. The device outputs words as the user selects onscreen icons. Multiple pages provide a large variety of icons.

The SMART Board: The SMART Board is essentially a large tablet PC that is mounted to the white board in Aleks' class room.

Handheld Game for Visually Impaired Child:The following link is to a previous senior design project in which a handheld game was designed and built for a boy who is severely near-sighted. This project demonstrates how game software can be developed and adapted for a specific child's capabilities. MSD Project P09003

Functional Decomposition


Concept Development (generation, improvement, selection)

Initial Brainstorming For Obtaining an Input

How many inputs must we obtain to fulfill needs?

Variable controls:

Binary controls:

Switching modes:

So our minimum input requirement is 2 variable and 2 binary inputs

Where can we obtain an input?

What are the possible input types?

Initial Brainstorming For Narrowing Down the Input

What are the combination of input types and locations?

What information do we need for each input option?



Physical Exercises

public/SystemsDesign/Images/Prelim Exercise.png

Top Level System Layout

public/SystemsDesign/Images/Top level blocks.png

Generated Concepts for the Physical Controls Subsystem

Generated Concepts for the Entertainment Interface Subsystem

public/SystemsDesign/Images/Electronics systems blocks.png

Concept Scoring and Selection



Pugh Diagram & Concept Scoring

Selected System Layout

The final system will be chosen through exercises determining the best match to physical capability.

Risk Assessment


Risk Management

Systems Design Review

Presentation, notes, actions

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