P13015: Navigation Aid for Blind - New RFID


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Visually impaired or blind (VI/B) individuals can have difficulty navigating through unfamiliar areas. Room numbers and locations are often indicated in Braille, but less than 10% of legally blind individuals in the US can read Braille. In order to address this problem, your team is charged with creating a navigation aid for blind people walking in an unfamiliar building. RIT is home to a number of students with visual impairments, and many of these students are also deaf or hard of hearing. In order to meet the needs of the local population of potential end users of this device, this navigation will need to be done in a way that does not rely on auditory cues, and it will need to allow the user to continue to use a cane or guide dog.

2013 Focus Summary

This is the third iteration of this Senior Design Project. Last year's team was able to successfully map out the best route to take to get from one room to another on the second floor of the James Gleason Building. They had trouble executing the route because of a poor RFID Reader, however. Our main goals this year will be to select a new RFID Reader and integrate it into the current system as well as improve on the navigation software. By the end of this 2 quarter class, we hope to have a fully functional prototype that will allow a subject to navigate Gleason's halls without any visual aids.

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Navigation Aid for Visually Impaired/Blind
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Dr. Beth DeBartolo, eademe@rit.edu
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Dr. Vincent Amuso, vjaeee@rit.edu
Prof. John Kaemmerlen, jxkpdm@rit.edu
Prof. Adriana Becker-Gomez, axbeec@rit.edu
Dr. Andres Kwasinski, andres.kwasinski@rit.edu



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Left and Right: Kevin, Michael

Left and Right: Kevin, Michael

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Michael Bova Team Lead mdb5217@rit.edu (315) 412-4876
Kevin Alderfer Lead Engineer kha1768@rit.edu (570) 352-2983

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