P13022: VAD Breakaway Power


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Because of the high infection rate of Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) power cables, a newly designed cable system will provide less trauma and more freedom for the user. This system consists of a breakaway port to decrease the forces transmitted to the skin and a backup power system for support when the external power is disconnected.

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The Breakaway system under development will lessen infection rates in heart failure victims by allowing the cable connecting the internal pump and the external battery and control unit to detach in the event of a moderate force exerted on the cable, such as dropping the battery pack. In the event that the cable is disconnected, either by accident or purposely, the back up power supply and motor internal to the patient will start up and continue to control the pump. Upon reconnection, the external battery will recharge the internal battery so that it is ready for the next disconnection.

Project Name
VAD Breakaway Port
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Faculty Guide
Edward Hanzlik, echeee@rit.edu
Faculty Consultant
Steven Day, swdeme@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Joseph Tartakoff, jat2704@rit.edu
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RIT Mechanical Engineering Department

Team Members

The P13022 Team: From Left to Right: Nick, Ellie, Matt, Chris, Jason, Mike

The P13022 Team: From Left to Right: Nick, Ellie, Matt, Chris, Jason, Mike

Member Role Contact
Nick Dominesey ME Team Leader njd3574@rit.edu
Chris Smith ME Team Member cjs5192@g.rit.edu
Ellie Sanford ME Team Member egs5491@rit.edu
Michael Edson EE Team Member mce5689@rit.edu
Jason Inman EE Team Member jpi7658@g.rit.edu
Matthew Myers ISE Team Member mcm8294@rit.edu
Joe Tartakoff Customer/Graduate Consultant jat2704@rit.edu

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