P13022: VAD Breakaway Power

Systems Design

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public/Photo Gallery/Force Pull Test Data.png public/Photo Gallery/force pull test image.jpg

The above shows data obtained from experiments performed on ourselves to measure the relationship between pain and pull force. Also, it is shown how different pulling angles have an impact on pain tolerance.

Functional Decomposition

public/Photo Gallery/Functional Decomposition.png

Our functional decomposition is shown above. The main goal of this project is to control blood flow. This can be broken down into internal control, the already existing external control, the switchover mechanism, and protecting the user in the process.

Concept Development (generation, improvement, selection)

public/Photo Gallery/Concept Generation.png public/Photo Gallery/Concept Generation Datem.png

The above pictures represent the different design concepts considered based off of the Functional Decomposition. The chosen functions have been circled in red in the second picture.

Systems Architecture

public/Photo Gallery/Flow Diagram.png public/Photo Gallery/System Model.png

The above shows a representative block diagram for our designed system. The amount of wires in each branch is shown.

Risk Assessment

RISK Assessment Excel File

The Excel file above has our risk assessment, the team members assigned to each risk, the priority level, and the possible solutions.

Systems Design Review

Systems Design Review Powerpoint Presentation

The above download link contains our presentation for our Systems Level Design Review from 1/7/2013.

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