P13026: Portable Ventilator


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A Portable Emergency Ventilator (PEV) is a device that can provide positive pressure ventilation to a person who is incapable of breathing on their own. This device can eliminate the need for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation used by first responders during CPR, thus drastically eliminating the spread of diseases. The device can also be used when transporting patients or in home use when a large ventilator is too expensive and impractical.

This project focuses on improving a PEV developed in the early 1990s by Jeff Gutterman and Roman Press (shown on right below). The goal of this project is to update the model using technology available today by making it lighter, more efficient, easier to use, and provide more feedback. The expected end result is a functional prototype (shown on left below) which can be marketed to companies and be manufactured.

Project Name
Portable Emergency Ventilator
Project Number
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Edward Hanzlik
Primary Customer
Jeff Gutterman
Roman Press
Sponsor (financial support)
Jeff Gutterman
Roman Press

Team Members

Team P13026

Team P13026

Team Members from left to right
Back: Derek Zielinski, Kennedy Kong, Eric Welch, Christopher Freeman, Dan Fenton
Front: Marie Revekant, Ryan Muckel, David Engell, Melissa Harrison
Member Role Contact
Daniel Fenton Team Lead email
Kennedy Kong Computer Engineer email
David Engell Industrial Designer email
Marie Revekant Industrial & Systems Engineer email
Eric Welch Electrical Engineer email
Derek Zielinski Electrical Engineer email
Christopher Freeman Mechanical Engineer email
Melissa Harrison Mechanical Engineer email
Ryan Muckel Mechanical Engineer email

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Planning & Execution

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