P13027: Protable Ventilator rev. B

Build, Test, Document

Table of Contents

Tri-Weekly Progress Review

Week 3 MSD II Shared Vision

Week 6 MSD II Shared Vision

Week 9 MSD II Shared Vision

Week 12 MSD II Shared Vision

Week 15 MSD II Share Vision

Build, Test, and Integrate

Engineering Specification Status

public/F_Engineering Specifications.PNG

Test Plans

S1 Test Plan

S2 S3 S5 Test Plan

S4 Test Plan

S6 Test Plan

S8-a Test Plan

S8-b Test Plan

S12 Test Plan

S14 Test Plan

Operating Range of Ventilation

public/Operating Range.PNG

Electrical Design Schematics

Please see 'SCHEMATICS' folder in Private Folder to reference.

Final Electrical Future Changepoints


Please see 'SOFTWARE' folder in Private Folder to reference.

Sensor Testing and Calibration

Sensor Testing pt. 1

Sensor Testing pt. 2

Sensor Testing pt. 3

Sensitivity Testing Data

Sensor Calibration Data

Calibration Test Plan

Sensor Calibration Obstacles

Test Fixture

The test fixture is a model lung, which is able to accept the breath given by the ventilator. For a test fixture we need to recreate a resistive pressure as a breath is given to the mock lung and also be able to recreate an exhale as the lung returns to a relaxed state. With this mock lung, we are looking to investigate the pressure spikes seen at the ventilator due to exhalation, patient self-inspiration and compressions during CPR. These are critical elements which need to be sensed by the ventilator, so the test fixture will allow us to calibrate the sensor readings in our system's operation.

Below is a table of the material utilized to create the test fixture. In the chart below, the purpose of each item is also noted.


The completed mock lung test fixture is shown below.


This is the tubing and flow path from the pump to the test lung.


Creating the Enclosure

We are finalizing build strategy for the enclosure. In MSD I, we developed a vision for the MediResp IV Portable Emergency Ventilator. The overall aesthetic was derived from the combination of research and work from the previous revision with MSD Team 13026, and also the usability study which was completed at Imagine RIT. Now moving forward, we need to finalize the build strategy for bringing this vision to life.

Below outlines our options to developing a enclosure.


Finalizing on thermal molding the enclosure by hand has allowed us to move forward with the detailing the build plan.

The strategy is to create a 1:1 mock model out of Cardboard. This is to

1. Practice on a much less expensive and permanent material

2. Understand the outline template required of panels to meet shape

3.Create a mock visual before moving forward with plastic

public/concept shell back 9-30-2013.JPG public/concept shell front 9-30-2013.JPG

Below is the construction process for the final enclosure.

public/Enclosure Construction.PNG

Usability Study in 13027 Development

Usability Study

Bill Of Materials

See 'Final Bill of Materials' In the Private File for Reference.

User or Operator Instructions/Manual

Instruction Manual

Final Logo

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