P13027: Protable Ventilator rev. B

Detailed Design

Table of Contents

Engineering Analysis of Integrated Components

This spreadsheet analyzes the theoretical air flow from the pump. Investigation of theoretical differential pressure calculations due to venturi tube design and losses due to the system tube design. Assumptions for this analysis are included in the table below. The following charts describe the expected flow relationships based on the venturi tube analysis, Flow vs. Differential Pressure and Flow vs. Input Voltage to Pump. These plots are both described with an expected exponential relationship.

Assumptions for Venturi Analysis

Theoretical Flow Calculations.xlsx

Venturi Flow_pressure Graph.PNG

Venturi Flow_voltage Graph.PNG

Power Calculations

Detalied Electrical Power Calculations

System Thermal Analysis

System Drawings and Schematics

Pnuematic Diagram

venturi tube design.jpg

MCU Connections

Battery and Power



Bill of Material (BOM)

BOM REV 9_9_13.xlsx

Electrical BOM

BOM REV 5_1_13.xlsx

Production Pricing BOM.xlsx

Feasibility Testing and Test Plans

Pressure Sensor Feasibility Testing

Risk Assessment

The following has been revised from original risk assessment completed 4/10/13. This revision converges on the technical risks present in our detailed design for the Portable Emergency Ventilator. Further, we have narrowed the project operational risks evaluated on 4/10/13 and minimized the risk associated with each item.

Revision 2, Completed 4/28/13

Technical Risk Assessment

public/Technical Risk 1

public/Technical Risk 2

public/Technical Risk 3

Operational Risk Assessment

public/Operational Risk Header

public/Operational Risk1

Detailed Design Review

Proposed Size and Weight Comparison to MSD 13026

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