P13027: Protable Ventilator rev. B

MSD II Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

Overhead Project Schedule

MSD II Progress and Scheduling

Further System Planning

In the first weeks of MSD II, there has been some further planning about the true functionality of our device.This is a more detailed description from a medical point of view of respiration. In this section we are looking to detail the true nature of our ventilator modes, how it will operate and how it will provide the patient with the appropriate breath needed to support respiration.

This document helps us understand mode operation and the support it will be providing each patient.

Ventilator Mode Definitions

Mode Flow Charts

Each of these flowcharts outline the logic which each mode will adhere to. This includes outlining, system inputs, Variables determines by the system, Variables which the system will sense and finally the output to the patient. Please note on each flowchart the maximum and minimum pressure limits which are ALWAYS monitored during operation for patient safety.

Constant Mandatory Ventilation (CMV) Mode

public/CMV Flowchart.PNG

Assist Mode

public/assist Flowchart.PNG

Manual Mode

public/manual flowchart.PNG

CPR Mode

public/CPR flowchart.PNG

Further Planning of Patient Circuit

This section outlines the patient circuit, how the air will get from the ventilator to the patient.

Mask- ResMed Quattro FW Please see the site below for further information:


Patient Circuit Concept


Test Fixture Planning

In the development stages of defining modes, we have decided a test fixture is important for us to calibrate the pressure limits within our system. This will be critical to our characterization of the patient's exhale, inspiration, and compression pressure spikes read by our static pressure sensor. In understanding the clarity of what we are reading with our pressure sensors, we can program the device to operate with maximum efficacy for respiratory support of the patient.