P13029: Robotic Tiger


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The initial project proposal: Project Readiness Package.

The motivation behind this project is to demonstrate expanded capability for air muscles. Air muscles are pneumatic bladders that contract in length when pressurized. This contraction approximates the force profile of a biological muscle tissue, while also being lightweight. Air muscles have been used in a variety of applications, notably in the bioengineering field. Artificial limbs, walking aids, and even exoskeletons have all been powered via air muscles. Dr. Lamkin-Kennard has sponsored several past senior design projects that have used air muscles to provide movement, such as an artificial hand, a robotic crab, and a robotic ant.

The specific goal of this project is to use air muscles to make a robot jump. The robot must resemble a tiger, be self contained, and be able to jump forward and land safely. Dr.Lamkin-Kennard would like to further the research done on air muscles at RIT and expand their capabilities. This project differs from previous air muscle projects at RIT in that very specific force outputs are needed from the air muscles.

Project Name
Robotic Tiger
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Biomedical Systems and Technologies
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Dr. Lamkin-Kennard, kaleme@rit.edu
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Team Members

Sean, Andrew, Trevor, Phil, Jeff

Sean, Andrew, Trevor, Phil, Jeff

Member Contact Phone Number
Jeff Manicone jjm3405@rit.edu 585-694-6658
Sean Mosier stm4880@rit.edu 607-425-3624
Andrew Pace amp8805@rit.edu 716-507-7149
Phillip Brown peb1299@rit.edu 603-809-1292
Trevor Crandell tmc2758@rit.edu 607-437-5717

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Planning & Execution

Design Review

Detailed Design Review

Project Review

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Technical Paper


For various contributions to the project, the group would like to thank the following people: Dr. Lamkin-Kennard, Bill Spath, Dr. Gomes, Dr. Lam and Prof. Wellin.

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