P13031: Jib Transfer Bench

Build, Test, Document

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The Build, Test, and Document Phase occurred as an iterative process throughout MSD II from February 25,2013 to May 18, 2013. The team spent much time in the machine shop building the subsystems. Testing was done in a Sonar Sailboat provided by Skip Shumway of Shumway Marine. This generous donation allowed the team a lot of flexibility in being able to test the system as it progressed. without it, the project would not have been finished in time.

Build, Test, and Integrate

Much time was spent by the team in the Machine Shop. Thanks to a generous donation of an old Sonar Sailboat, we were able to test subassemblies as they were built in the boat. This turned out to be the most advantageous assistance in meeting our goals. By allowing us to test and tweak the system in the same place, we could very easily tweak components to an optimal design. The iterative process of building and testing gave a tremendous boost. Without it, we would not have been able to build two systems.

Test Plans & Test Results

The original test plan that was proposed at the end of MSD I was not the same as the final test plan at MSD II. The original test plan has been updated with more incremental changes as the quarter progressed. More machining was required than expected, pushing the initial project plan back slightly. The test phase was not. However, having the Sonar Sailboat readily available to the team made the build, assembly, and test phases an iterative and concentric process.

The design and some conditions changed unexpectedly throughout MSD II, so some tests were no longer valid. Also, at the end of MSD I, a list of specifications was published. Problems with some of the specifications were not realized until we actually went to perform the test.

The Test Plan and Results file lists the original proposed tests, and the results of the actual testing. Recommendations are made for which tests are actually necessary for the next iteration of the project, and which are unnecessary. Explanations are also made as to why failures occurred in the product.

The Final Project Plan is shown, while the Original Project Plan is shown in PDF format for comparison.

CAD Models and Drawings

CAD file system

Manufacturing and Assembly Instructions

Installation Manual

The Installation Manual explains how to assemble the delivered subsystems of the Jib Transfer Bench and how to install the system in a Sonar Sailboat.

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