P13032: Adjustable Bench for Sailing


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The goal of the Universal Gold Medal Sailing Seat team is to build on the work completed by RIT MSD team P12031, which can be found here. The previous system was unique in the realm of disabled sailing and was designed for one specific user, Richard Ramos, on a Sonar keel-boat. In order to increase the visibility of such a device, Mr. Ramos wishes to be able to have a similar system that can accommodate various users and adjust to their particular needs. The updated design should be a safe and functional device that improves upon the previous iteration and addresses the concerns of Mr. Ramos. The new system should allow the seat, foot rests, and hand crank to adjust, with the option of exchanging the entire seat to make a user more comfortable and changing the mechanical advantage to allow for users with different strength. Lastly, this project should allow for the use of the Jib Transfer Bench which is being designed by RIT MSD team P13031, which can be found here.

P13032 Overall System

P13032 Overall System

Project Name
Universal Gold Medal Sailing Seat
Project Number
Project Family
Biomedical Systems and Technologies
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
Kate Leipold, Email, Schedule
Elizabeth DeBartolo, Email
Primary Customer
Richard Ramos Jr., Email
Sponsor (financial support)
Mark Smith Email
National Science Foundation Award

Team Members

Team Photo

Team Photo

Member Role Contact
Andrew Sulik Mechanical Engineer axs9374@rit.edu
Timothy D Slattery Mechanical Engineer tds5377@gmail.com
Marion Paredes Pages Industrial Engineer mip5210@rit.edu
Derek Topper Mechanical Engineer djt9208@rit.edu

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Planning & Execution Useful Links, Responsibilities, CN, ES, Team Ethics, Project Plan, Peer Reviews, Risk Assessment
Systems Design Benchmarking, FD, Concept Development & Selection, Final Concepts, Systems Design Review
Detailed Design Eng. Analysis, Anthropometric Data, BOM, Test Plan, Project Plan, Detailed Design Review, Manufacturing and Assembly
MSD II Content
Build, Test, Document Assembly Instructions, Test Plan, Other Documentation
Photo Gallery Photos from the project
Final Presentation The final presentation given by P13032
Final Paper Team's achievements and an overview of the system
Project Poster The poster describing the project