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Detailed Design

Table of Contents

This node contains information dealing with the Detailed Design Review, initial drawings/schematics, initial case designs, initial BOM, MSD-I test plans and simulations.

Prototyping, Engineering Analysis, Simulation

Mechanical Engineering Case Design

Thermal Analysis:

The approach is steady state and is based on the ensure dissipation needs of the system. This includes all of the electrical components including the battery. The basis for this is an energy balance. It represents a worst case scenario of continuous power output. The power estimates were provided by the EE's and include all components in the device including the battery. The results are as follows:

Structural Analysis:

Battery Testing Results

Drawings, Schematics, Flow Charts, Simulations

UML Diagram (.pdf)

EE Flow Diagram (.png)

Internal/Case Structure Designs

Internal/Case Structure Designs Version 2

Mobile Application User Interface Images (.ppt)

Power Regulation/Battery Charging Circuit Rev 1 (.pdf)

Switch Control Circuit (.pdf)

Overall Schematic (.pdf)

Quality Matrix (.xlsx)

Bill of Material (BOM)


Bill of Materials(.xlsx)

MSD-I Test Plans

Detailed Design Review

Detail Design Review Agenda

Detail Design Review PowerPoint

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