P13036: Notification Alert

Planning & Execution

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Project Summary

The motivation for this project is to improve the quality of life of deaf and hard of hearing users. The product, a visual and tactile alert system solves the issue of typical audio based alert devices being ineffective. The device is also meant to be low cost to increase accessibility to the product by those who would benefit from it. The system receives alerts and alarms from a smartphone wirelessly and can then activate visual alarms in the form of high intensity flashing lights, and tactile alerts by activating a commercially available shaker. This can be done wirelessly, with the main module externally or internally powered and the alarm should function even if contact with the smart phone is lost. This will provide a useful system for notification that will be both flexible and versatile, allowing for better utilization of many smart phone features that rely on notifying the user. Overall the goal on this iteration of the project is to reduce size and improve features and functionality all while maintaining a low product cost.

Customer Needs

Customer Needs


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Customer Specifications

Team Norms & Values

Punctual Each team member is responsible to attend every meeting and on time.If an unexpected issue is to arise, that team member is responsible to contact at least one other member to explain the situation whether if this means to be late or absent from the meeting. Each team member that is present or absent from the meeting are required to have their work done on time.

Thorough It is required by each team member to complete their individual part of the project completely and thoroughly. If issues arrive to the point where the team member has troubles with their assignment, they need to bring up the problem as soon as possible and not wait until the last second which in the end could jeopardize the entire project.

Accurate Each team member will complete their work as accurately as possible using their knowledge gained from their previous years of college experience. Their work should display their knowledge in such a manner that that another team member or faculty member can properly verify their work. Each member is expected to properly make notes and write down their thoughts into a notebook that can be used to help with the teams project development.

Professional and Ethical Each team member is expected to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. Each team member is required to put forward their best and complete work and be honest and trustworthy in their communication with other group members and team guides.

Committed Each member is expected to be 100% committed to the project, to their teammates and be present for all meetings. This experience should be used as a benchmark to prepare oneself to a "real world" situation. Each team member should not be afraid to share their ideas and input when needed, and to constructively criticize other peers’ ideas. Active participation on a weekly basis is needed to further the development of the project.

Balance Each team member is responsible for their school work and their own personal lives. However, each team member will need to commit their equal share of time to the project in order to complete their tasks and help others members in the team for the overall success of the project. If it comes to the point where one team member is falling behind, the team must redistribute the workload appropriately.

Project Plans & Schedules


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Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

Week 1 Meeting Week 1 Notes
Week 2 Meeting Week 2 Notes
Week 3 Meeting Week 3 Notes
Week 4 Meeting Week 4 Notes
Week 5 Meeting Week 5 Notes
Week 6 Meeting Week 6 Notes
Week 7 Meeting Week 7 Notes
Week 8 Meeting Week 8 Notes
Week 9 Meeting Week 9 Notes
Week 10 Meeting Week 10 Notes

Project Reviews

Project One Page Summary

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