P13038: Hearing Aid Redesign

Detailed Design

Table of Contents


The intent of this page is to document the materials discussed during the Detailed Design Review held on February 8, 2013. The intent of the detailed level review is for team members to discuss the device design, budget, schedule, and test plans for MSD2.

Presentation Materials

CE Flowcharts

EE Schematics

Batter PCB Layout and Circuit Schematic

Round PCB Layout

ME drawings

Ear Mold Options

ME Bill of Materials

Material Selection

Prototype Quotes

Switch Functionality

Focus Group Surveys

Heuristic Analysis

Test Plans

EE Test Plans

ME Test Plans

Hearing Aid Testing

Spec Test Plan

Detail Design Presentation

Detailed Design Pre-Read Document

Meeting Agenda

Detailed Design Presentation

Detailed Design Feedback


Team Notes

Risk Assessment

First Electrical Order