P13041: Smart Walker


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The Smart Walker is a research project aimed at developing a walker to be utilized by the population of users who are just beginning to require the use of a walker, but may not rely completely on it. The goal will be to monitor the health and safety of the user without interfering in their lives. Ideally there would be no discernible physical difference between the Smart Walker and one with no monitoring capabilities. This monitoring will assist the caregivers of the user by allowing them to track patterns, as well as to be made more aware of health issues much more rapidly. There have been other efforts to develop a “smart” walker by other institutions. However, so far none have been successful in maintaining the likeness of a regular walker.

Photo of Hugo Rollator Initial Hugo Rollator Used

3D CAD Model of Walker 3D Model of Walker Concept

Final Product Final Smart Walker

Project Name
Smart Walker
Project Number
Start Term
End Term
Faculty Guide
George Slack, gbseee@rit.edu
Primary Customer
Multi Agent Bio-Robotics Lab, Electrical and Microelectronics Engineering, RIT
Sponsor (financial support)
Ferat Sahin, feseee@rit.edu

Team Members

Smart Walker Team Picture

Smart Walker Team Picture

Member Role Contact
Wade Campney Computer Engineer wtc2007@rit.edu
Thomas DeMeo Computer Engineer tjd9961@rit.edu
William Hartigan Electrical Engineer wph7345@rit.edu
Justin Heisig Electrical Engineer jdh4464@rit.edu
Megan Henriksen Industrial Engineer mnh2374@rit.edu
Catina Jelfo Mechanical Engineer cmj8736@rit.edu
Matthew Knauf Mechanical Engineer mjk2903@rit.edu
Amanda Lee Electrical Engineer axl5922@rit.edu
Daniel Mount Mechanical Engineer dgm8138@rit.edu
James Parascandola Mechanical Engineer jmp5052@rit.edu
Steven Smith Computer Engineer sms7862@rit.edu

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Planning & Execution

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Project Review

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