P13045: Mobile Pediatric Stander

Planning & Execution

Table of Contents

P13045--Mobile Pediatric Stander

Project Summary

Project Overview

Intellectual Property Considerations

Customer Needs

Customer Needs


Engineering Specifications

Team Norms & Values

Code of Ethics

Work Breakdown Structure

General Risks

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Project Plans & Schedules

Gannt Chart

Short Term Deliverables

Meeting Minutes, Notes, & Actions

4/19/13 Demo

Action Items

4/10/13 Meeting with Hanzlik

4/4/13 Paper Updates

3/27/13 Meeting with Hanzlik

3/22/13 Week 3 Demo

3/22/13 Paper Assignments

Have them in by Monday April 1st!

3/19/13 Work Day

3/15/13 Work Day

Action Items

3/12/13 Meeting

Action Items for Friday

3/8/13 Meeting with Hanzlik

Action Items

3/5/13 Meeting Notes

Action Items

Meet at 10 on Friday

2/13/13 Meeting Notes

Action Items

Meet in atrium at 11am on Friday for meeting with Hanzlik

2/1/13 Meeting Notes

Action Items

1/30/13 Meeting Notes

Action Items

1/25/13 Meeting Notes

Action Items

1/23/13 Meeting Notes

Action Items

1/18/13 Work day

Action Items

Meeting 1/16/13

Action Items


1/9/13 Meeting

Action Items

1/7/13 Meeting

Action Items

All-please take a look at the general risks to make sure you are okay with your assigned risks to manage and your risk management tasks, have all of your documents to be included in the pre-read done and email me by 10pm on Tuesday night

12/21/12 Presentation Feedback

Action Items

12/19/12 Meeting

Action Items

12/16/12 Meeting

Action Items

12/14/12 Presentation Feedback

12/12/12 Meeting Notes

(Megan, Kim, Heather, Tom)


Document Review

Action Items:

12/7/12 Customer Visit

Meeting with Linda Brown at St. Augustine's Children's Center

12/5/12 Meeting Notes Benchmarking (Heather, Steve, Megan, Kim)



Megan(power wheelchairs):


Action: think of questions for Linda during customer visit on 12/7/12, seriously research standers to pick one to purchase

11/30/12 Meeting Notes Brainstorming (Heather, Megan, Steve, Tom, Kim)

Meeting with Customer (Linda Brown, Dr. Steven Day)

Action: -look-up training methods-websites to look at: enablemart.com and rifton.com

Peer Reviews

Project Reviews

Week 3 Presentation

Week 4 Presentation

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